3DHS Extra 330LT

ElectriFly FlyLite Slow Flyer

14 Votes

Great Planes ElectriFly FlyLite Slow Flyer

Install an ElectriFly RimFire 250 outrunner brushless motor into your FlyLite to ensure premium flight


13 Votes


28-Ch DMSS Transmitter. The 28X was born from clean sheet of paper a fresh perspective of the needs of

The Blast

20 Votes

Lumenier Labs The Blast

The Blast is a 450 size carbon quadcopterthat shoots harmless projectiles 50 feet on a flat trajectory

Phantom 2 Vision

16 Votes

DJI Phantom 2 Vision

Live first-person view (FPV) Wi-Fi streaming of video and telemetry to the free Vision app for iOS or

Beast 60e ARF

13 Votes

E-flite Beast 60e ARF

The E-flite Beast 60e ARF biplane embodies everything youd expect from a design created to deliver stunning

DX8 Gen 2

1 Votes

Spektrum DX8 Gen 2

The next-generation DX8 takes 8-channel sophistication to new heights with features and capabilities

Phantom 3 Professional

15 Votes

DJI Phantom 3 Professional

Your Phantom 3 fits into your life and makes flying remarkably intuitive and easy. From takeoff to landing


17 Votes

Flyzone Switch

Youre probably attracted to RC flying for the chance to perform dramatic maneuvers with a realistic low-wing

TBS Discovery ARF

12 Votes

Team Black Sheep TBS Discovery ARF

This is the deluxe Discovery right there. Ready for long range (2.5km and return on a 3.3Ah 4S battery)

Shiny LED Airplane RR

17 Votes

Flitework Shiny LED Airplane RR

Brushless Electric Powered. RxR (Receiver Ready) Shiny LED Night Flier Airplane from Flitework. Preinstalled

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