3DHS Extra 330LT

Extra 330SC 3D EP ARF

9 Votes

Great Planes Extra 330SC 3D EP ARF

The Extra 330SC performs 3D the same way it assembles with virtually effortless ease and impressive results

Flight Design CTLS 1200mm PnP

4 Votes

HobbyKing Flight Design CTLS 1200mm PnP

This model is built to look like the original aircraft and is designed to fly in a similar manner. It

Mustang P-51B/C ARF QB 50cc

1 Votes

Aeroworks Mustang P-51B/C ARF QB 50cc

Aeroworks is proud to add the 50cc Mustang P-51B and P-51C ARF QB to their line of Quick Build Series

P-51 Mustang Sport Fighter

20 Votes

Great Planes P-51 Mustang Sport Fighter

Superior speed and design gave the Mustang an edge in the air over all other contemporary prop fighter

73\" Sbach 342 30CC

11 Votes

Aeroplus 73\" Sbach 342 30CC

Wingspan73(1860mm) Length68(1730mm) Wing Area1025sq in(66.1sq dm) Weight9.7-11lbs(4400g-5000g) Glow.91-1.202C


14 Votes

JetLegend Yak-130

Available both in single turbine version and twin turbines version. Complete airframe with hardware fuel

Ka8 2.25M Sailplane BNF

4 Votes

ParkZone Ka8 2.25M Sailplane BNF

Since its introduction over 50 years ago the full-scale Ka-8 has smitten thousands of sailplane pilots

75\" MXS-R 30CC

7 Votes

Aeroplus 75\" MXS-R 30CC

Wingspan75(1915mm)Length67-12(1720mm)Area1023sq in(66sq dm)Weight9.7-11lbs(4400g-5000g)Glow.91-1.202C

122\" Decathlon ARF

8 Votes

Pilot-RC 122\" Decathlon ARF

Strong Light Weight Construction. Professionally covered in Oracover(Ultracote) from Germany. Cowl is

Sonic FX EPO 1000mm

14 Votes

HobbyKing Sonic FX EPO 1000mm

The Sonic FX is an impressive 1000mm flying wing made from ultra-tough EPO foam. The FX offers you all

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