3DHS Extra 330LT

FT Simple Soarer Kit

4 Votes

Flite Test FT Simple Soarer Kit

The FT Simple Soarer is a gret introduction to 2 channel gliding. Whether you are motoring up to altitude

Mighty Mini Corsair

9 Votes

Flite Test Mighty Mini Corsair

This little Warbird park flyer is the perfect size to always keep with you in the back seat of your car

68\" Sbach 342 20CC

16 Votes

Aeroplus 68\" Sbach 342 20CC

WING SPAN68in(1720mm) Length65(1656mm) Wing Area907sq in(58.5sq dm) Weight7-7.7lbs(3200-3500g)ElectricBrushless


12 Votes

Futaba 6J

In S-FHSS mode the 6Js frame rate is just 6.8ms a response speed unmatched by any other 6-channel flight


5 Votes

E-flite UMX FPV Radian BNF

The E-flite UMX FPV Radian aircraft allows you to virtually put yourself in the pilots seat. AS3X technology

107\" Yak 54 ARF

20 Votes

Pilot-RC 107\" Yak 54 ARF

Professional designed for 3D and precision aerobatics. Strong Light Weight Construction. Professionally

Alpha 40 ARF Trainer

7 Votes

Hangar 9 Alpha 40 ARF Trainer

This Alpha 40 ARF Trainer is based on the same Alpha 40 RTF Trainer that has been used in flying clubs

P3 Revolution 60cc ARF

9 Votes

Hangar 9 P3 Revolution 60cc ARF

Designed by world class RC pilot Mike McConville. Exclusive officially licensed P3 Revolution model.

BAE Hawk 100 PRO ARF Plus

15 Votes

Skymaster Jets BAE Hawk 100 PRO ARF Plus

Aluminum tube plug-in for wings spars. Dual ball bearing for elevator. Carbon fiber for vertical fins

Bloody Wonder Speed Build Kit

1 Votes

Flite Test Bloody Wonder Speed Build Kit

The Bloody Wonder is a simple three channel Bank and Yank style design. Beginners can outfit there plane

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