WebKomet posted Mar 5 '17 at 9:07 pm
Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out the new WebKomet RC discussion forum. The forum is just getting started so please sign up and say hello. Hoping the forum will provide a great resource for RC flyers and enthusiasts!

Thank you!!

#fullspeedahead #wot #flylow

WebKomet posted Mar 5 '17 at 6:27 am
Discussion on the E-flite Timber! 3S backcountry sport flyer.

Buy it link: http://www.webkomet.com/item/e-flite-timber-bnf-basic-with-floats


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Hello all! I am running my FPV quad using the stock KK260 clover leaf antenna on the VTX and an aftermarket cloverleaf antenna on my VRX. I seem to get about a maximum of 400m in an open area direct line of sight, before the signal starts to break up. Is this a normal range for such a setup? Photos attached of my antenna setup.



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