Aeroplus 76" Corvus Racer 540 35CC

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76" Corvus Racer 540 35CC.

Area:1200sq in(77.4sqdm)
Electric:AXI 5320-5330
Radio:4CH/5-6 servos

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92\" Extra 330SC 60CC

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Aeroplus 92" Extra 330SC 60CC

Wing span 92Lengthno include spinner 84 12 Wing Area1526.8 sq in(98.5sq dm)Flying weight 7300-7800kgEngine

92\" Edge 540 V3 60CC

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Aeroplus 92" Edge 540 V3 60CC

Wing span 92(2360mm)Lengthno include spinner 86 13 (2193mm)Area1621.3 sq in(104.6sq dm) Flying weight

89\" Sbach 342 50CC

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Aeroplus 89" Sbach 342 50CC

89 Sbach 342 50CCSpan89(2260mm) Length81-12(2070mm) Area1466sq in(94.6sq dm) Weight16-17lbs(7200-7700g)

89\" MXS-R 50CC

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Aeroplus 89" MXS-R 50CC

Span89(2260mm)Length81-12(2070mm)Area1466sq in(94.6sq dm)Weight16-17lbs(7200-7700g)Engine50-60cc Radio4CH6SOracover

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67\" Edge 540 V3

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Aeroplus 67" Edge 540 V3

Wing Span67(1700mm)Length65(1649mm)Wing Area907sq in(58.5sq dm)Weight7-7.7lbs(3000-3300g)Glow.75-.912C

Pitts S12 2.7m

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CARF Models Pitts S12 2.7m

Compared to other popular biplane designs the Pitts S12 features a long tail and a big wingspan. This

Beast 100cc ARF

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Hangar 9 Beast 100cc ARF

The full-scale Beast is the brainchild of renowned aircraft restoration expert Kevin Kimball who actually

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