Align T-REX 600L

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Powered by 750MX/530KV motor engraved with Dominator insignia, providing extraordinary power output. The latest BL815H and BL855H metallic brushless servos are standard equipment, featuring superior torque, speed with unparalleled efficiency and precision. These servos are highly appraised by team pilots for their low operation heat, contributing to dramatically increased longevity. The high-end Microbeast PLUS 6-axis gyro with 32-bit high-speed processor is much precise and superior in programming and computing allow for significant handling performance and delicate response.

Main Rotor Diameter 1347mm. 750MX Brushless Motor(530KV). BL815H High Voltage Brushless Servo x3. BL855H High Voltage Brushless Servo x1. Castle EDGE HV 80 Brushless ESC.

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