Blade Night 230 S BNF

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The Blade® Night 230 S helicopter is the ideal platform for getting started in aerobatic helicopters and flying in the dark because it has innovative SAFE® technology to make flying a collective pitch heli easy, even for a beginner.

Brilliant LED frame, vertical fin and main blade lighting. Progressive flight modes help you build aerobatic skills quickly. Panic Recovery mode can recover the heli to a level attitude. Collective pitch rotor system with flybarless mechanics. Spektrum™ AR636 DSMX® receiver with AS3X® heli technology. Removable 1S Li-Po main blade batteries and USB charger included.

Flying weight 12.35 oz (350 g). Length 18.66 in (474mm).

Requires 900mAh 3S 11.1V 30C LiPo with charger, DSMX® 6
+ channel computer transmitter.

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