CARF Models Edge 540 2.3m

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We designed our brand new Edge from the ground up. It’s definitely NOT an Extra with modified cowling and tail, as you can see so often... We used original drawings from the full-scale to create a solid model with modern CAD techniques. Unique in the market: engine dome, cowling, muffler mount, is all prepared for 60cc engines and it drops in within a few minutes of your time. he sequence characteristics are smooth and precise, qualifying the small Edge to be a reliable partner for your first steps into competitions. On the other hand, this plane is a true 3D monster. Like the 2.6m version, the roll speed is unbelievably fast, with only the pilot’s capabilities setting the limit. Wingspan 90". Weight 20 - 21 Lbs. Engine 50 - 60cc.

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Pitts S12 2.7m

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CARF Models Pitts S12 2.7m

Compared to other popular biplane designs the Pitts S12 features a long tail and a big wingspan. This

Sukhoi SU-31 2.6m/2.75m

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CARF Models Sukhoi SU-31 2.6m/2.75m

Our SU-31 is definitely a great pattern machine. It flies through any sequence with 40%er authority but

Extra 330SC 2.6m

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CARF Models Extra 330SC 2.6m

For its size the Extra 330SC is remarkably light. This is felt in the 3D maneouvers. The plane acts very

Extra 330SC 2.3m

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CARF Models Extra 330SC 2.3m

What do we expect from a world class aerobatic airplane - no matter what size and scale it is Absolutely

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68\" Sbach 342 20CC

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Aeroplus 68" Sbach 342 20CC

WING SPAN68in(1720mm) Length65(1656mm) Wing Area907sq in(58.5sq dm) Weight7-7.7lbs(3200-3500g)ElectricBrushless

105" Extra 330 Reaper ARF

8 Votes

Aerobeez 105" Extra 330 Reaper ARF

Features Covered in High Quality Oracover skin. Removable Rudder. Carbon Fiber Rods In The Fuselage.

Sukhoi SU-29MM BNF

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E-flite Sukhoi SU-29MM BNF

The E-flite Sukhoi Su-29MM Gen 2 replicates the outstanding original with improved technology that gives

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