CARF Models Extra 330SC 2.3m

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What do we expect from a world class aerobatic airplane - no matter what size and scale it is? Absolutely neutral flying characteristics! Pattern and 3D easily to be combined with one setting! Ultrastrong and durable! Highly prefabricated and ready to fly in a few evenings of work! And to look Right!

The 330SC is an all new aerobatic design, a valuable all composite construction, which raises the bar in pattern and 3D aerobatics to the point where only the pilot is the limit. We managed to rebuild all the characteristics of our market leading 3m version of the 330SC. The aerobatic characteristics have to be experienced, can’t be easily described with words. Wingspan 90". Weight 19-21 lbs. Engine 50 - 60cc.

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Pitts S12 2.7m

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CARF Models Pitts S12 2.7m

Compared to other popular biplane designs the Pitts S12 features a long tail and a big wingspan. This

Sukhoi SU-31 2.6m/2.75m

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CARF Models Sukhoi SU-31 2.6m/2.75m

Our SU-31 is definitely a great pattern machine. It flies through any sequence with 40%er authority but

Extra 330SC 2.6m

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CARF Models Extra 330SC 2.6m

For its size the Extra 330SC is remarkably light. This is felt in the 3D maneouvers. The plane acts very

Edge 540 2.3m

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CARF Models Edge 540 2.3m

We designed our brand new Edge from the ground up. Its definitely NOT an Extra with modified cowling

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76\" Corvus Racer 540 35CC

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Aeroplus 76" Corvus Racer 540 35CC

Span76(1930mm)Length74(1879mm)Area1200sq in(77.4sqdm)Weight9.9-12lbs(4.5-5.5kg)Glow.120-170Gasoline30-40ccElectricAXI

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