CARF Models Extra 330SC 2.6m

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For its size the Extra 330SC is remarkably light. This is felt in the 3D maneouvers. The plane acts very stable even in positive high alpha maneouvers. The authority of the controls, especially the ailerons, is sensational for a skin hinged setup. The candid tail moment is responsible for the Extra's agility and maneouverability in 3D. However, for the sequence flying, it's a proven fact that without any change of settings the 330SC, will become a perfectly tracking aerobatic machine, straight like an arrow, with well balanced control authority. The lighter wings have even improved the snap/stop characteristics and the wide trailing edge on the rudder lets the plane feel more stable and calm. A 100 - 120 cc flat twin engine on canisters has so much power that a quiet 3-blade prop can be used. Wingspan 102". Engine 100-120cc.

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CARF Models Extra 330SC 2.3m

What do we expect from a world class aerobatic airplane - no matter what size and scale it is Absolutely

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