CARF Models Gee Bee R2

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Like any high performance tail-dragger, the Gee Bee will require some rudder input during its take-off run. If you have flown a large warbird, this should come as no surprise and will be a very similar discipline with the Gee Bee. Throttle up slowly and deliberately, staying ahead of the aircraft; as the tail lifts off, the Gee Bee will achieve flying speed very rapidly and can be rotated immediately. Climb to a safe altitude, turn around, throttle back to approx. 2/3 throttle and trim out the aircraft for hands-off, straight and level flight. This may require several passes as the Gee Bee gobbles up sky very rapidly. This is, after all, a pylon racer! Wingspan 93". Weight 32 - 36 Lbs. Engine 80 - 150cc.

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