CARF Models Pitts S12 2.7m

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Compared to other popular biplane designs, the Pitts S12 features a long tail and a big wingspan. This is why the Pitts "behaves" really good, even for a biplane! It flies straight, it snaps like it should and it can beat any wind. It definitly doesn't fly like a blimp.

Like every other biplane, the Pitts S12 is great for all the crazy knife-edge stuff. The large fuselage side area provides the lift, while the two wings make it stable. It never get's boring to play with that!

The Pitts S12, especially in the clipped wing "Python" version shown here, is able to do possibly the fastest torque rolls ever seen. The ailerons are still highly effective in high-alpha maneuvers and so you have the choice, if you use them with or against the torque. Wingspan 107". Engine 150 - 200cc.

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