CARF Models SIAI Marchetti SF-260

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There was no way past doing this airplane one day. Motivated by a full scale SIAI Marchetti SF-260 pilot, Ralf Niebergall, CARF took over a half finished project from a small company in Germany, AeroFlug. In due course, most of the aerodynamic design had been re-done in CAD, wings and stabs CNC-milled for precision, so that the first flight of our model didn’t surprise us at all:

It just is another example of great CARF engineering, showing its qualities right at the first fly by. Its structural integrity, high prefabrication, detailed surface structure and straight forward mechanical solutions make it a pleasure to build, to fly, and to pose with at your local club field, as well as on a highly decorated show event. Wingspan 112". Engine 60 cc single - 120 cc twin. Weight 33 - 35 Lbs.

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