CARF Models Sukhoi SU-31 2.6m/2.75m

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Sukhoi SU-31 2.6m/2.75m.

Our SU-31 is definitely a great pattern machine. It flies through any sequence with 40%er authority but with 35%er equipment. Whether to use the 2.6m or the 2.75m wing is simply a matter of personal preference. It rolls very fast and true, still allows soft aileron corrections around the center without feeling aggressive. it snaps extremely well, especially the 2.6m wing and it barely needs any mixing to compensate knife edge coupling. The long fuselage and the large tail allow to experiment with the CG a lot, the plane has a very wide CG range. A total weight of around 13 kg (28 lb) is absolutely perfect for sequence flying, and responsible for the high authority in the air in the first place. For 3D flying, the larger 2.75m wings make it still feel nimble and feather light. Wingspan 102"/108". Weight 28,5 Lbs dry.

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