E-flite Carbon-Z Cessna 150 2.1m BNF

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Carbon-Z Cessna 150 2.1m BNF.



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Enjoying a giant-scale flying experience is easier than you might think with the Carbon-Z® Cessna 150. This Bind-N-Fly® Basic version includes a brushless power system and comes with the servos and a Spektrum™ AS3X receiver with optional SAFE® Select technology installed.

Specs: Wingspan 83.7 in (2125mm). Length 61.8 in (1570mm). Weight 8.9 -9.9 lbs.

Requires: DSMX/DSM2 radio transmitter. 4-6S 4000-7000mAh LiPo battery with charger. See all by E-flite.

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