Flite Test FT Mighty Mini F-22 Raptor

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Flite Test

FT Mighty Mini F-22 Raptor.

This little beauty has all of the excitement of the F-22 packed into a minature version! This smaller version makes it a little more versitile when it comes to flying indoors or in tight surroundings! The Mighty Mini F-22 raptor is a blast to fly and is just as, if not more agile then its original counterpart! The first of its kind to be made with water resistant foam board.

Weight without battery 4.8 oz (134 g). Wingspan 20 inches (508 mm). Recommended motor 2300 kv 2204 motor or 2280 kv 1806 motor. Recommended batter 800 mAH 3s LiPo minimum.

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