Great Planes Phazer EDF ARF

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Don’t blink when flying the Phazer. It can travel the length of a football field in just over two seconds! With its simple delta wing design, this EDF assembles quickly, too — the fuselage is painted fiberglass and the wings are built-up balsa and ply, already covered in MonoKote® film. In no time, you can be airborne…accelerating with ducted fan power and speed.

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Evader EDF Sport Jet ARF

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Great Planes Evader EDF Sport Jet ARF

Satisfy your urge for jet looks and speed while enjoying goes where you point it stability and thrilling

Viper 70mm EDF Jet BNF

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E-flite Viper 70mm EDF Jet BNF

The E-flite Viper 70mm EDF is the perfect first high-performance jet that delivers all the essentials


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E-flite UMX A-10 BL BNF

Scale detail gobs of power and turn-on-a-dime agility make this ultra micro A-10 one of the most exciting


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E-flite UMX F-16 BNF

The E-flite UMX F-16 EDF jet is inspired by the engineering and world-renowned service record of the

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Flyzone L-39

The high-viz trim scheme is already applied. A power system most onboard gear and all hardware are ready

A-10 Warthog PRO ARF Plus

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Skymaster Jets A-10 Warthog PRO ARF Plus

Aluminum tube plug-in for wings spars. All live hinging with precision gap sealing. Very scale surface

F-16C Fighting Falcon

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JetLegend F-16C Fighting Falcon

Standard package includes complete airframe fuel tank exhaust pipe fuel tank standard color schemewith

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