HobbyKing Durafly SkyMule

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The SkyMule has been designed as an all purpose, all pilot model that is ready for land or snow right out of the box. With its generous internal spacing, twin engine layout and easy access design it is also ideal for carrying autopilot and FPV equipment as well as handling the weight of larger batteries for long flight times.

Excellent for sport type flying and aerobatics, the SkyMule has a wide flight envelope allowing it to fly well both at fast and slow speeds. With two powerful 1100kv brushless outrunners, this model has plenty of get-up-and-go with plenty of vertical. Loops, rolls and inverted flight are not an issue at all with predictable flight characteristics. At a wingspan of 1500mm, it has a great presence in the air, but with removable 2 piece wings it is also easy to transport to and from the field.

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