ParkZone Conscendo Advanced 1.5m BNF

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Conscendo Advanced 1.5m BNF.

The ParkZone® Conscendo™ Advanced 1.5m sport motor glider features a 3S LiPo compatible power system paired with a sleek and capable design that makes hitting max altitude to soar, or sport flying and performing aerobatics, easy and fun.

Features: AS3X receiver with SAFE Select. Brushless power system. Durable EPO foam construction. Quick assembly.

Specs: Weight 22.9 oz. Wingspan 59 inches. Length 39.6 inches.

Required: 5+ Channel radio transmitter. 1300mah 3S LiPo battery with charger.

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Conscendo Advanced 1.5m BNF

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ParkZone Conscendo Advanced 1.5m BNF

The ParkZone Conscendo Advanced 1.5m sport motor glider features a 3S LiPo compatible power system paired

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