Redwing RC 20cc Sbach 342 Profile

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Redwing RC

20cc Sbach 342 Profile.

learn to 3d with the awesome looking Sbach 20cc profile. With this inexpensive 20cc Sbach you won't worry about doing your most experimental moves. Time to ROCK this 20cc Sbach out! The Redwing RC 20cc Sbach Profile is set up and ready to go with the DLE 20cc engine. Ready to go with great features, and built light and fun! You can't go wrong with this economical beauty! Wing span: 66". All up flying weight: 6.5-7 lb. Engine: 20cc.

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89\" Sbach 342 50CC

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Aeroplus 89" Sbach 342 50CC

89 Sbach 342 50CCSpan89(2260mm) Length81-12(2070mm) Area1466sq in(94.6sq dm) Weight16-17lbs(7200-7700g)

73\" Sbach 342 30CC

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Aeroplus 73" Sbach 342 30CC

Wingspan73(1860mm) Length68(1730mm) Wing Area1025sq in(66.1sq dm) Weight9.7-11lbs(4400g-5000g) Glow.91-1.202C

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