Redwing RC 30cc Segev Articulate

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Ready for either Gas or Electric set up

It took over a year of designing and planning to ensure that this plane is absolutely perfect! Tested over and over again to give us the best all around freestyle 3D air frame - practicing the next F3A maneuvers while also being a platform to prepare for freestyle competition in a compact size, great look, and affordable price was the goal. And did they accomplish that! Wing span: 75in/1900mm. Flying weight: 12 to 13 lbs.

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50cc Yak 55

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Redwing RC 50cc Yak 55

Featuring the things you love about Redwing planes already (CF parts throughout lightweight but strong

50cc Extra 330

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Redwing RC 50cc Extra 330

For anyone who loves their 30cc plane but is looking to upgrade Redwing RCs new 50cc EXTRA 330 is the

30cc MXS-R

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Redwing RC 30cc MXS-R

his is a Redwing RC exclusive - and while others may have a similar MXS-R we revised our prototype several

30cc Extra 330

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Redwing RC 30cc Extra 330

Bring that Extra style to the field with Redwing RCs new 30cc Extra 330. Equipped with the same great

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Sukhoi 29S 140e ARF

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SebArt Sukhoi 29S 140e ARF

Outdoor 3D acro 140 class ready to fly with all accessories. Wing Span 194 cm. Lenght 192 cm. Recommended

Night VisionAire BNF

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E-flite Night VisionAire BNF

With the E-flite NIGHT VisionAire park flyer 3D fun can go on even after dark. Intense LED lighting gives

Ventique 60e ARF SV

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Premier Aircraft Ventique 60e ARF SV

The Ventique 60e is an all out 3D monster It is designed by Quique Somenzini 4 time TOC Champion and

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