Redwing RC 30cc Slick 540

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The Slick 540 was designed with input from aerobatic expert, Glen Dell. This 30cc version of the Slick 540 was built with those expert modifications in mind. The 30cc Slick 540 has moved much of its weight near the center of gravity, helping to make high energy maneuvers cleaner and more comfortable.

This 30cc Slick is suited for both 3D AND pattern flight. Showing both very smooth lines, but also slowing down well for 3D flight. The Slick 540 does most of your typical maneuvers VERY well: clean knife edges, Exceptionally smooth rolling harries, harriers well, and does SNAP maneuvers SO cleanly due to its weight distribution. Wing span: 75". Flying weight: 10.5-11 lbs.

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