Redwing RC 50cc Yak 55

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Featuring the things you love about Redwing planes already (CF parts throughout, lightweight but strong build, well thought our design and accessories) but adds CF in the build of the fuselage! This assists in its strength significantly without adding weight.

The Yak 55 is a very axial and clean plane. It allows you to perform precision exceptionally well and also slows down for 3D maneuvers. The 50cc Yak 55 features minimal wing rock and coupling. You will find this plane is one of THE best all-around planes you could choose. This is why even those who don't immediately love the shape of the Yak 55, fall in love with the 50cc Yak 55, because it performs unlike any other plane. The Yak 55 50cc lends itself well to both high energy and slow 3D. Wing span: 2260 mm / 89". Flying weight: 15.7 lbs.

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