Team Black Sheep TBS Discovery ARF

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This is the deluxe Discovery right there. Ready for long range (2.5km and return on a 3.3Ah 4S battery) with the TBS approved video system and all necessary small parts to get you going. Optionally hand-built, configured and tuned by the TBS crew themselves. We packed a lot of goodies into this one. The TBS Discovery 2G4 comes out of box, receiver-ready, packed with all the best gear. The TBS69 provides the best performance in difficult light situations (such as flying towards the sun) and one of the highest resolution CCD cameras on the market today. Our 2.4GHz video link provides solid, TBS-proven range.

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TBS Gemini

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Team Black Sheep TBS Gemini

The TBS Gemini is the latest generation of mini racer multirotors. Its revolutionary design with forward

Loki X5 Racing Quad

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Storm Loki X5 Racing Quad

The Loki-X airframe is built for the new generation of FPV racing its one of the lightest airframe on


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The KODO FPV is a ready-to-fly package includes everything you need to enjoy easy affordable FPV out


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Dromida XL 370 UAV RTF

Looking for BIG bold flying fun Look no further than the Dromida XL. Extra-large and in charge the XL

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Blade Vortex 150 Pro BNF

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DJI Phantom 3 Advanced

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