Top Flite Giant P-51D Mustang ARF

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Giant P-51D Mustang ARF.

Called "Little Friend" by the bomber crews it protected, the P-51 Mustang also became known as the Cadillac of the Sky — one of the finest high-speed, high-altitude fighters built during WWII. Top Flite's giant ARF version fulfills your own fighter pilot fantasies with impressive size, power and maneuverability! Wingspan: 84.5 in (2140 mm). Weight: 17.5-19 lb (7.9-8.6 kg). Length: 73.5 in (1865 mm). Requires: 5-7 Channel radio with 9-11 servos; 2.1-2.8 cu in 2-stroke glow engine or 2.5-4.3 cu in gasoline engine.

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P-51D Mustang ARF

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Top Flite P-51D Mustang ARF

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