6 New Aircraft from Horizon Hobby for 2018!

21 February 2018

By WebKomet


Source: Horizon Hobby

From warbirds to helicopters and everything in between, Horizon Hobby has just launched some brand new aircraft for the upcoming RC flying season.

The first aircraft on the list is a new warbird from ParkZone the F4F Wildcat 1.0m. This hand launched model looks to be a docile yet maneuverable warbird featuring a Pacific Theatre paint scheme and easy to assemble EPO foam airframe. The brushless motor requires a 1300mah to 2200mah 3 cell LiPo battery. The Wildcat will be available in both BNF and PNP formats.

The next model is the E-flite F-27 Evolution flying wing. This hand launched sport wing can fly on both 3 cell and 4 cell LiPo batteries. The wing looks to be quite fast and aerobatic. It also features a 3 piece tool-free airframe and a bring your own camera FPV bay. The plane will be sold as a BNF and PNP model.

Heads up Cub fans, the next plane is the E-flite Clipped Wing Cub 1.2m. This plane features the classic Piper Cub look combined with the clipped wing which allows for a more lively flight envelope especially for aerobatics. The Clipped Wing Cub also features shock absorbing landing gear, a simple one piece wing, and a brushless motor. You will need a 2200mah to 3000mah 3 cell LiPo battery for this plane. Available in both PNP and BNF formats.

Next is another warbird from Hangar 9 that scale club flyers should appreciate, it is the P-47D Thunderbolt 20cc 67” ARF. This almost ready to fly warbird has some very nice scale detailing and features including optional retracts and struts, flaps, as well as a convenient removable top hatch. The P-47 can be powered by a gas, glow, or electric motor.

Helicopter pilots will appreciate the next model from Blade, the Fusion 270 BNF. The brightly painted heli is great for both sport flying and hardcore 3D flying. The model features a panic recovery mode, flybarless head, and lightweight construction. You will need a 4S 1300mah LiPo battery for this heli.

For our last model ParkZone has launched the Conscendo Advanced 1.5mmotor glider, perfect for hot summer days! This sport glider features a 3 cell LiPo power system and a 2 piece detachable wing. The BNF version also features SAFE Select which provides assisted Hand Launch and Landing modes. This glider is available in both BNF and PNP formats.