Amazing Backcountry Kitfox Flying

5 December 2017

By WebKomet - Jason


Source: Trent Palmer YouTube

Take a look at this amazing video! Trent Palmer takes his viewers for a ride in his Kitfox 5 aircraft displaying some great flying skills and beautiful views.

Kitfox Aircraft offers both kit version and factory built variants. Most of these aircraft are powered by geared Rotax engines, including the latest 100hp Rotax 912iS fuel injected engine now available.

The Kitfox is a 2 seat aircraft with crew sitting in a side by side seat configuration. The Series 7 features a 800 pound useful load with a 27 gallon fuel capacity. In cruise configuration the Kitfox can burn fuel as low as 5 gallons per hour providing for about 5 hours of range! The Kitfox can also be equipped with a STOL inspired (STi) kit which helps shorten takeoff and landing rolls perfect for backcountry flying.

The Kitfox is the perfect plane for adventure seekers with used airworthy samples selling for around $25,000 USD in the North American market.