The New GB1 Gamebird Unlimited Aerobatics Plane

31 August 2017

By WebKomet - Jason


Source: Game Composites

A new aircraft will be launching into the skies very soon with hopes of dominating the unlimited aerobatics competition scene. Game Composites has been developing a new aerobatic aircraft that has been completing the final phases of flight certification for commercial production. The aircraft is named the GB1 GameBird and it is built to be a 2 seat hardcore aerobatics machine. The GB1 GameBird might look familiar to aerobatic buffs as it resembles the XtremeAir XA42 (Sbach 342); this is because both the GB1 and the XA42 have been developed by pilot and aircraft designer Philipp Steinbach.

The GB1 GameBird is a fully composite aircraft that is designed for high performance. The GB1 is a two-seat aircraft weighing only 1290 pounds, compared to the current unlimited champion Extra 330SC single-seat aircraft weighing 1291 pounds.

Like most of its competitors the GB1 is powered by the Lycoming AEIO580-B1A 6-cylinder engine with a stock horsepower rating of 303hp. The GB1 has a wild roll rate of 400 degrees per second thanks to its very generous control surfaces.

The innovative control surface design separates the GB1 from most aerobatic aircraft as they allow for non conventional aerobatic maneuvers that are normally only flown by 3D radio controlled aircraft.

The GB1 GameBird is quoted to start at $400,000 USD which is inline with its competition. Be sure to keep an eye on this aircraft as it looks to be a winner!