Top 4 Beginner RC Airplanes

16 May 2017

By WebKomet - Jason


Are you looking for the best RC airplane trainers? Here are some of the top RC trainers available today!

There are 4 things you in an RC trainer that you will want to succeed as an RC pilot.

Durable: You will crash and have hard landings, you want your plane to be strong. Foam models are the most durable for this.

Easy to fly: Flying an RC airplane is tricky for a beginner. The plane needs to be aerodynamically stable and easy to control.

Parts Available: Because you may have some hard landings or crash, you want a plane that as replacement parts readily available.

Reliable: You want a reliable control and power system. This means you will want a 2.4Ghz radio controller and an electric motor. Gasoline and glow engines can be tricky to operate and sometimes unreliable, and not something you want to deal with when learning to fly. These power systems are better once you have your wings.

Top RC airplane trainers in order:

HobbyZone Super Cub S Ready To Fly with SAFE; selling for around $199.99. This is my top pick as it provides great value and has been a tried and true RC trainer over the years. This plane is very stable and simple, it is controlled by rudder, elevator, and throttle. It naturally wants to fly straight and level and has no bad habits. Adding to its stability the Super Cub includes SAFE technology that electronically aids the beginner pilot. It is a good physical size and uses a common 1300mah 3 cell LiPo battery. This plane is very strong and durable in crashes, perfect for learning how to land. It uses a simple conventional, tail dragger, landing gear which adds to its durability, not to mention it is ideal to learn this type of landing gear configuration right off the bat. The Super Cub has a 48” wingspan. Buy Here!

HobbyZone Mini Apprentice S Ready To Fly with SAFE; selling for around $229.99. This plane is my second pick. It is derived from a lineage of RC trainers that has been successfully training RC pilots for year. This updated Apprentice offers the pilot self stabilizing SAFE technology with progressive settings. This plane adds aileron control compared to our number one pick the Super Cub. This provides the pilot with a bit more roll control, however it is a bit less stable than the Super Cub. This plane uses the common 1300mah 3 cell LiPo battery. The Apprentice S is a good size, 48” wingspan, which makes it easy to see in the sky. The plane uses a tricycle landing gear configuration which provides easy ground rolling control, but adding some complexity. Buy Here!

FlyZone Sensei FS EP Ready To Fly; selling for around $299.99. This plane is the largest of the four with a 58 inch wingspan, but otherwise quite similar to the Mini Apprentice S. The Sensei FS features 4 channel control with ailerons, elevator, rudder, and throttle. The plane is ready to fly and comes with a Tactic RC 6 channel radio, which is great for other models as you progress. It also includes a common 2200mah 3S LiPo battery. Being a bit larger model, this plane will be easier to see in the air and will handle the wind a bit better, however because of its size you will need a larger area to fly it. The Sensei FS also features built-in stability technology to help you fly including beginner, intermediate, and advanced flight modes plus a bailout switch which can help you incase you lose control. Buy Here!

HobbyZone Champ S+ Ready To Fly; selling for around $169.99. The Champ S+ is the smallest plane yet it includes the most advanced built-in flight control technology. The plane features progressive flight modes from beginner to advanced, it includes a panic switch, and autonomous flight modes including auto-land and holding pattern. This plane has a 27” wingspan and is powered by a 280mah 2S LiPo. Due to the small size and lightweight the Champ S+ may be a bit more difficult to see in the air and it will be more affected by wind. This is probably the ideal plane for new pilots who do not have anyone to help them learn how to fly, the autonomous auto land mode will come in handy. Buy Here!

Planes: FlyZone Sensei FS EP, HobbyZone Mini Apprentice S RTF, HobbyZone Champ S+ RTF, HobbyZone Super Cub RTF